Category - Multi-Unit Operators

Hari Singh, Owner CrossFit NYC

Hari Singh was the Dairy Barn President for 15 years and learned about this "CrossFit thing" when it started making waves in NYC. He became a convert and...

Assaf Gal, Crunch Fitness Franchisee

What did it take to secure the extremely valuable Brooklyn, Bronx, & Queens Crunch franchise market? "Chutzpah!" laughs owner Assaf Gal. With 6.5 million...

Marcus Antebi, Founder of Juice Press

Visionary Founder of Juice Press (85 stores & counting) Marcus Antebi says, “For entrepreneurs, the greatest lesson should be Enlightenment 101!” A retired...

Robert Creech, CEO of DeSoto Athletic Club

“Play where your budget will allow,” says Robert Creech, CEO of Desoto Athletic Clubs. In 2014 they “blew up their business” to move with the market, redid...

Adam Garcia Eveloff from Castanea Partners

Adam shares the benefits of taking on a growth equity partner, identifying personality fits, & how companies can get support to professionalize & grow business.

Caryl Baker Visage

Justin & Nathan discuss innovative action to being a service retailer in the health industry, and by leading with service first, then product and membership.

David Dos Santos, CEO of Best Fitness

David discusses being an entrepreneur, rebranding fitness clubs, industry landscape changes, and how he's reinvented his business and its offerings.

David Hardy from Franvest

"It all comes down to unit economics" - David Hardy, a Partner at @orangetheory Fitness & President of Franvest Capital Partners, as he discusses the rules and...

Chuck Runyon from Anytime Fitness

Chuck shares the journey and philosophy of his business, and the science behind finding the optimal alignment when seeking partners.

Terry Blachek from Orange Theory

Terry tells us why Orange Theory differs, offering "affordable group personal training," while also providing different perspectives on fitness as a whole.