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Derek Flanzraich

Episode #375: Derek Flanzraich, Ness, CEO

In this episode, Derek Flanzraich discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and how he is using his new company, Ness, to democratize access to health, in part...

Perry Kamel

Episode #360: Perry Kamel, DNA Vibe, CEO

"Red light therapy has been around for 60 years but 'more' isn't always better," states Perry Kamel, the CEO of DNA Vibe, the innovative new company...

Kory Angelin

Episode #336: Kory Angelin, COO, Volofit

Kory Angelin has been in the HALO sector for over 10 years. He began as a trainer and worked his way up with organizations like 24 Hour Fitness, Lifetime...

Michelle Segar

Episode #332: Michelle Segar, Ph.D, MS, MPH

Dr. Michelle Segar is author of the forthcoming The Joy Choice-How to Finally Achieve Lasting Changes in Eating and Exercise which will be released April 26...

Damien Dau

Episode #303: Damien Dau, ActivePlace, CEO

A former competitive triathlete, Damien Dau, Founder of ActivePlace, was frustrated with the fragmented nature of his online community. "People just don't do...

Anthony Diaz

Episode #301: Anthony Diaz, Health Hero, CEO

Founder of Health Hero, Anthony Diaz naturally gravitates toward helping people due to his Dad's background as head dietician and nutritionist at a health care...