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Robert's first HALO Talks was in 2019 where he chatted with Pete about the up's and down's of scaling a business-to-business software company. "A B2B SaaS business caught me completely off guard. It's a different totally different ballgame from running a gym!" he jokes. (Jackson also owns the high end Forma Gym in San Francisco.) 

Since then, he's sold Fitness BI (which he started with only $100,000!) to ABC Fitness, and chats with Pete about the process of exiting / valuations, working through his deal with ABC, what's involved when going through due diligence, scaling a company, the exciting plans they're cooking up at ABC for the future, having private equity inside the HALO sector, predictions for the future of the industry post-COVID, and more! 

Any entrepreneur who is building a company (or is at the stage where they're considering selling!) will find fantastic insights here. 

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