Home » Episode #264: Celeste Headlee, Journalist, Speaker, and Author of We Need To Talk: How To Have Conversations That Matter

"We do not have any tech available that's better than our ears and our mouths . . . we've spent 300,000 years becoming the best communicators this planet has ever seen using our voices and our ears," states Celeste Headlee, a journalist for over 20 years, author and TED Talk speaker whose video hit over 24 million views.

"Email is not faster, is more prone to miscommunication, and makes people more prone to irritation . . . all of the assumptions we make to avoid actual conversations are just flat out wrong," she continues. Learn more about why it's not wise to just "trust your gut," the most effective ways to get members back after the pandemic, thoughts on Town Halls, surveys, the one unique phrase everyone from every culture responds to, how to become a more caring organization, examples of brands that were "rehabilitated," and more! This is a must listen to anyone in the HALO sector, especially now as it continues to open back up.

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