Robert Swan, Founder of 2041

Robert Swan is the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles. Learn how he did it—and how you can make a difference, both for the Earth and in...

Jeff Matlow, CEO and Founder of imATHLETE

Listen to how Jeff has made his move from the music to the fitness industry, and how he & his team plan to scale opportunities for athletes & organizations.

Greg Dowd, President of Epsilon

Greg shares his marketing experience with health clubs on membership sales, creating email and print graphics and the wide ranging evolution of delivery tools.

Blair McHaney, CEO of MXM Medallia

Blair provides the framework of MXM Medallia - the enterprise software that solves problems for fitness companies, with data visuals on UX & other vital...

Meredith Poppler from IHRSA

Meredith touches on the impacts of IHRSA's fundraising and PR efforts: to raise political awareness on the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices in society

Kelly Card from ABC Financial

Card has created an unscripted blog which provides great ideas on improving club experiences, such as scaling economically, & using emerging technologies.

Adam Garcia Eveloff from Castanea Partners

Adam shares the benefits of taking on a growth equity partner, identifying personality fits, & how companies can get support to professionalize & grow business.

Jesse Campanaro, CEO of Total Gym

Jesse’s focus is to bring healthy lifestyles to all. The approach is connecting content, equipment, experience, and shares his take on commercial markets.

Caryl Baker Visage

Justin & Nathan discuss innovative action to being a service retailer in the health industry, and by leading with service first, then product and membership.

Andres Moran, CEO of iKizmet

If you're into Business Intelligence, specifically the technology side in terms of recent innovation, you'll want to listen on Andres Moran, CEO of IKizmet...

Al Noshirvani, CEO of Motionsoft

Al talks on the positives & negatives of the fitness industry, & how Motionsoft provides solutions with advanced cloud-based club management software...

Dana Milkie from InTouch

Catch Dana Milkie on #HALOTalks where we discuss his role at InTouch, the global leader in solutions to acquire and retain members for the Health & Fitness...

David Dos Santos, CEO of Best Fitness

David discusses being an entrepreneur, rebranding fitness clubs, industry landscape changes, and how he's reinvented his business and its offerings.

David Hardy from Franvest

"It all comes down to unit economics" - David Hardy, a Partner at @orangetheory Fitness & President of Franvest Capital Partners, as he discusses the rules and...

Keith Worts, CEO of Crunch

Worts discusses how the culture translates from their trained staff to the members; Crunch provides feeling and emotion in a class; why they are different; and...

Chuck Runyon from Anytime Fitness

Chuck shares the journey and philosophy of his business, and the science behind finding the optimal alignment when seeking partners.

Terry Blachek from Orange Theory

Terry tells us why Orange Theory differs, offering "affordable group personal training," while also providing different perspectives on fitness as a whole.

Emmett Williams from MyZone

Listen in on how Emmett Williams, President of Myzone has shaped the business behind #heartratetracking

Paul Schaller, CEO of ABC Financial

Paul brings attention to the importance of becoming more efficient in the disciplines of doing business, as correct procedure is essential for optimal strategy.

Amro Qaddura from Blender Workspace

Amro sheds light on his entrepreneurial journey, and community & energy building to creating a space for personal connections, and professional collaborations.

Jasmin Rahim from Moving Nutrition

Jasmin discusses her Integrative Health business and her workshops which focus on digestion, nutrition, mental & emotional health, and empathy in the workplace.