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At 19, Coss Marte was making over $2 million a year selling drugs. Imprisoned at 23, he quickly realized he had "all sorts of health issues." He lost 70lbs in 6 months and started CONBODY  after his release 8 years ago. He states, "I knew it was going to work. Just show up everyday, deliver a great product, and trust the process. . .  95% of the people in Rikers Island are Black or Hispanic. I've hired over 50 people with a zero recidivism rate. Nobody has gone back into the system." And people are paying attention! They've trained over 50,000 people and during COVID, one of his classes had 800 attending! Coss discusses his plans for opening post-COVID, an instructor training program, non-profit work, apparel, their current capital raise, and more!

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