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As the Founder of Crossrope, (which he bootstrapped from the beginning) Dave has jumping in his blood! He spent 12 years as a Naval pilot and, while in the Academy, also competed in both long jumping and high jumping. He says, "I've always had this indescribable, innate, passion for the freeing feeling . . .  for the challenge and enjoyment of jumping!" Crossrope has a hugely dedicated following with an incredibly enthusiastic online community.

He and Pete discuss how the company went about setting themselves apart in a highly commoditized market, the product lifecycle, intellectual property protection, how they've dealt with people's concerns around "I haven't done this since elementary school!" and more. Dave goes on to chat about his 'contrarian' views on entrepreneurship, hiring, the EOS management system, where the company is going in the next 5 years and more!

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