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Dr. Elizabeth Stanley earned her B.A. from Yale, her M.B.A. from MIT, and her Ph.D from Harvard. She's a former Army Intelligence office and author of the recently published (and very timely) Widen The Window: Training Your Brain and Body To Thrive During Stress and Recover From Trauma. "In our culture, we spend so much time turning stress on, and never turning it off," she states. This broad discussion touches how the nervous system can be trained, the negative implications of too much technology on the brain, and some tips on handling anxiety and stress. "The fact is, loneliness and isolation have been linked to epigenetic changes towards chronic inflammation in the body, which is the root cause of a whole range of illness . . .Now more than ever, it's critical to be vigilant about investing time in our social networks," she continued. Listen to learn more and also check out her Mind Fitness training course (which was tested in the military) being released this month.

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