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Founder & CEO of 305 Fitness, Sadie Kurzban opened her first studio in 2014. Currently with 7 locations across Boston, DC, and NY, over 1,000 trainers trained (with plans for 25,000+ in the next three years) 305 is perfectly positioned for massive growth! 

"The new woman isn't sold on an aspiration of exclusivity, thin-at-all-costs, performance and leaderboards. She's sold on the aspiration of inclusivity, self-confidence, owning her truth and feeling like there's a place to love her body," states Kurzban. She and Pete chat about how she created the special culture she has while finding (and retaining) the best talent (over 90% of her staff is returning,) how she found angel investors and strategic partners, their pivot into the digital side for COVID ("we built our amazing YouTube community almost by accident!") and more! 

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