Home » Episode #282: Kevin McHugh, COO, The Atlantic Club

Kevin is a 28 year veteran of the beautiful, 44 acre Atlantic Club.  33% of its business comes from the health club, and 67% from ancillary revenue. They have one of the biggest day spas and tennis programs in the country and most managers have been with the organization for over 20 years. "During COVID we had to ask ourselves what would we need to be in the future . . . Pretty much everything has changed. We are a completely different company . . . also we also learned our competition can be our friends, they don't have to be enemies." 

Pete and Kevin chat about how they survived (and in some ways thrived) during COVID, the conversion of their 22,000 square foot  fieldhouse into one of the largest training areas in the industry, what they did with their cycling studio to maximize revenue, their use of shipping containers (!) why the future looks especially bright for the larger facilities, and more thoughts on marketing, medical fitness, new pricing strategy, and more!

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