Home » Episode #285: Brent Leffel, Founder & Managing Parter, Equity 38

After a 20+ year background in finance, Pete Moore brought Brent into the industry in 2005. After acquiring Crunch while at Angelo Gordon and then working with New Evolution Ventures, Brent is now firmly on the operating side. Since founding Equity 38, he has since become the new owner of the highly regarded TRX brand.

Leffel states, "You can't model people and culture. That's the most important thing in these businesses . . . All my time in private equity, we were focused on the wrong things. We should have been focused on, 'Do you have the right people running the business? Are you supporting them in the right way?'" 

He and Pete chat about lessons learned, discussion of TRX and how Equity 38 thought about the purchase, where TRX is going, club hybridization, virtual training, trainer compensation and retention, the three most important words a fitness owner needs to know, and more! 

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