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Going from a former insurance agent to a successful entrepreneur with a Shark Tank appearance under his belt (January 2020,) Genius Juice Founder Alex Bayer has quite the story! 

Genius Juice makes the purest coconut smoothie on the market, and produces over 20,000 coconuts per day and brings in several containers per month. They use less than 10 ingredients per bottle, their top seller has 2 ingredients and their number 2 seller has only 5 ingredients. "We pride ourselves on simplicity, taste, and benefits of using coconut water and coconut meat in every single bottle produced. I often say there's 'no dumb stuff in our product' he jokes.

Despite the Shark Tank deal not working out, the company raised half a million dollars in one month after the episode aired. He chats with Pete about future growth, the beverage market, his two new key hires (Casey Plachek & Gavin Linde) the story behind the company name, behind-the-scenes experiences on Shark Tank, and more! 

Contact him at Alex@geniusjuice.com, email  orders@geniusjuice.com if you're interested in wholesale, and use genius10 as coupon code to get it for $5 per bottle!

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