Home » Episode #289: Dan Uyemura, Founder, PushPress–The Gym Operating System

As a "typical entrepreneur" who dives head first into everything, Dan did the same with CrossFit, ". . . after doing nothing for 10 years. I  went down the rabbit hole, realized the software in the space was sub-par. Now, here I am 10 years later!" he jokes. He discusses how PushPress differentiates itself in a very crowded field ("We built it on the concept of integrations & expandability like the concept of app store, so you can make it your own") and more.

PushPress also tends to focus on the single owner-operated facilities as well--a space where others may have left. As a self-professed "tech nerd," he offers up thoughts on where the market is going (data driven decisions, AI, automations) as well as pricing discussions, sales (top-down or bottom-up shoppers), the importance of failure, and more!

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