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Upper Hand makes running studios, facilities, and academies easier and offers best-in-class scheduling experiences for clients and better access to data for staff. Kevin MacCauley, CEO, initially began the company as a market place to help connect parents with youth coaches. Upper Hand has changed quite a bit over time and is now at the "nexus of sports and technology."

"How do you start thinking about athlete progression? How is software helping that business owner? How does it help them deliver the value of what they're doing to help the athlete know they're getting better? Something like 20% of US income is spent on youth sports and fitness," states MacCauley. He chats with Pete about what made them pivot, offers some case studies with D-BAT (Baseball and Softball Academies,) Athletic Republic, Modern Goalkeeper, why it's critical to be a partner to your customers and not, "a vendor" and more. 

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