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Lynn Cherry picked up a pickleball racquet about three years ago and, a month later, she got hooked and quickly started the Pickleball Fire podcast and website. Pickleball started back in the 60's, and is now one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. "Anyone can get on the court and play immediately! I've met so many people who've never played any other sport in their life, but they get on the court and can get started easily!" she states.

We are still in the "top of the first" when it comes to pickleball and many people in the industry want to get it into the 2028 LA Olympics. Lynn chats about the sports explosion, RV parks/pickleball concepts, how the demographic is moving to the younger generations, why this is a must for anyone in the HALO sector to consider, and more! 

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  • Lynn you are right. A few years back no one knows pickleball but now it’s a fast-growing sport. I know many people around me who are playing pickleball and others want to play. Two days ago one of my neighbors comes to me and ask me to suggest the best pickleball paddle. So, that he can play this amazing sport.