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Dr. Cooper is a legend in the HALO sector. Currently a spry 90 years old, Cooper founded his clinic 51 years ago in Dallas which has since grown to a 30 acre campus. It is one of the few places in the USA that combines a medical and fitness center. With books published in 42 languages, over 600 peer reviewed papers presented, Dr. Cooper was--putting it mildly--way ahead of his time. After presenting his keynote at IHRSA 2021, he sat down with Pete to discuss the results of one 25 year study in particular ("You're better off being fit and fat, than skinny and sedentary") and adamantly continues to drive the point home that, "No drug can replicate the results of an active lifestyle."

He points out some of the problems with statin drugs, the 8 factors his Institute focuses on to get people "Cooperized," the critical importance of Vitamin D3, his personal regimen, thoughts on wearables and personal fitness data, ("Data drives decisions!") and more.

His message (perhaps now more than ever due to COVID) is a must listen for anyone at any level in the HALO sector. 

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