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While not actual Step Brothers, Bryan Baia and Calvin Martin might as well be! These two savvy, hard working (and hilarious!) friends have been working together since 2013 when they met at Equinox. Years later, they began their own brand, recently signed with OBE Fitness, and are now completely independent running 3 full classes per week. 

They discuss how they did it, their new partnership with OBE, the importance of knowing your strengths and splitting up work, and more. "Who we are as people and as coaches, the way we connect and really build our brand, is when we get in front of people . . . when that happened, it took things to another level," states Martin.   

Their advice to club owners on how to get the best from their training staff and what to do post-COVID is crucial. Keep an eye on these guys. Big things in their future! (And here's the Instagram post Pete keeps coming back to!) 😂

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