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A former D1 cheerleader for Syracuse University, Danielle Donovan founded CHEERFIT after tearing her ACL twice. She decided to forgo surgery and worked to rehab her injuries herself. "Cheerleading has evolved from cheering for sports to becoming its own sport in general . . . It's going to be featured in the next Olympics!" she states. CHEERFIT offers a 2-day, 8 hour certification with standardized workouts appropriate for kids as young as 6-8, for both cheerleading gyms and for selling directly into the health clubs.

She chats with Pete about how her program has scaled from just "fitness for cheerleaders" to include kids of all ages, and even their parents who may have been cheerleaders in the past. Her program could be a strong revenue driver for any club wishing to tap into this extremely fast-growing segment. Listen now to learn more.

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