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A 30 year veteran in the HALO sector, Doug Katona has been the CEO of American Barbell for almost two years. AB is a Las Vegas based company where everything is manufactured by hand! ("It's a Ferrari with a BMW price!")

Doug studied exercise science, was a college athlete, with a partner they began the first personal training organization in Newport Beach, and more. He started at the front desk and worked his way up. "Fitness chose me, I didn't choose it!" he joked. "I continue to gravitate towards being a coach, leader, and building teams."

Doug's non-apologetic attitude of "working out versus training," his resolute belief in the importance of fitness and lifting ("You have to train hard, move fast, lift heavy. Sorry! Otherwise, life's gonna get 'ya!"), and emphasis on putting people first ("Put people before profits, and profits will follow"), will serve to catapult this already extremely well known brand to the next level. 

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