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Petra Robinson (aka "Mama ZUMBA!") got into the HALO sector while living abroad because of her passion and desire to help others. She studied with industry pioneers Jacki Sorensen & Judi Sheppard- Missett, became certified by AFAA in 1986, and eventually became their VP and ran their convention for 10 years!

Now with ZUMBA since 2005, Robinson runs 100-120 tradeshows a year for them. She and Pete chat about how ZUMBA became one of the most successful companies in the HALO space, and why it continues to thrive and grow. "The DNA is all about joy. The philosophy is to just wiggle and giggle. It doesn't matter if you can do the moves or not! You have to have an easy, basic entry point where people can come in, feel somewhat successful, and then you can keep training and grooming them," she states. 

The nuggets of wisdom uncovered from this 30+ year industry veteran make this a must listen for anyone in the HALO sector!  

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