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Pete Moore appeared on Matt's podcast in August, and we're excited to introduce him to the HALO Talks audience if you're not already familiar.

Co-Founder of Escape Fitness and host of the excellent, Escape Your Limits podcast, Matt's company started in the UK, progressed into Poland, Germany, and 10 years ago came to the states. He trades stories with Pete about his early trade show days and how to stand out. (Hint: clothes from The Prodigy!)

"We always asked ourselves how can we continue to innovate, move our company forward, and help the people we're working with? . . . The more value you continue to provide, the more likely you're going to be the obvious choice," he states.

They continue on and discuss why receiving a large capital infusion too early on could be a big mistake in your company's growth, the significant challenges and differences doing business in multiple countries, where Escape is heading in the future, and more! 

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