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An industry veteran in the sector since the early 90's, Paula Neubert has been with Club Greenwood for 19 years. A high end, massive, 150,000+ sq foot fitness resort in business for 34 years, Paula and her team have built something extremely unique in the HALO space.

"We look at the competition as ways to make us better. I can say with 100% certainty that our club is built on referrals . . . it's like a family," states Neubert. She continues and discusses the critical importance of marketing messages and why, for example, they use words like "resort" or "club" versus "gym." With regards to expanding and remaining "small" she states, "Know what you do well. The more locations you have, the more opportunities you have to spread things thin, and mess up."

Club Greenwood is very well known in the space, and Neubert continues to be a critical player in making that happen. This is a must-listen for anyone looking to take their facility-regardless of size-to the next level.

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