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Keith began his career in the HALO sector from the ground up working as a commission-only salesman at a Powerhouse Gym in Augusta, GA. He slowly became interested in the tech side of the business as well--which was "pre-Windows" era when you had to connect computers with coaxial cables!

Trawick became an evangelist for technology in the sector as the years went on. He states, "Tech companies now are trying to be too many things to too many people . . . Organizations should be allowed to have their own definitions and enact their own business processs around those definitions."

He and Pete discuss the always-controversial topic of who owns what data, marketing trends that have come full circle, why we're still in the "bottom of the first" when it comes to tech compared to other industries, pricing trends (thankfully, it's no longer as much of a "race to zero" as it used to be) and more!

How an organization should use tech is also critical, and is often overlooked. "Technology enhances and amplifies the core that's already there . . . and that can work to your advantage or against it, depending on how good your existing business processes are." 

This is a must for anyone in the sector with an interest in tech. It offers definitive takeaways from a long time, industry veteran who has been there since the beginning.

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