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Many in the HALO sector already know Lee Hillman. What they may not know however is that prior to entering the space, he was a partner in one of the Big 4 accounting firms. He left in 1991 to serve at Bally's as the CFO, even before it was solely a health club business.

He worked with Bally's until 2002, helping grow it to nearly a billion dollar company and is now and an Owner/Partner in Power Plate

Lee has also been a director for public and private companies and is a self-professed "turnaround and distressed assets" guy. He chats with Pete about what he looks for in a new business opportunity, how you stay psychologically motivated in a distressed situation, how much runway you need, and more.

Power Plate has gotten incredible traction over the past few years, and he discusses the strategy behind that as well. "I'm not coming to Power Plate as a zealot. I truly believe this is a product that can change people's lives for the better, and those around me are also just as passionate. We're here on a Mission. It's a product that, once experienced, will help improve people's lives and they'll find a way to use it."

Lee concludes mentioning their 10+ year relationship with Mark Wahlberg, the research behind the product (which they never pay for), and more!  

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