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Dr. Michelle Segar is author of the forthcoming The Joy Choice-How to Finally Achieve Lasting Changes in Eating and Exercise which will be released April 26, 2022. Her extensive academic research (and time "in the trenches" as a health coach) focuses on creating and maintaining sustainable "self-care" behaviors such as exercise, eating well, getting enough sleep, etc.

Anyone who is in any way connected to the HALO sector needs to read this (heavily cited, well-researched & extensively documented) book. It is that powerful. Her advice is something our industry must heed if we are (finally!) going to be able to reach that 80% of the population who do not exercise or have a health club membership. 

"This is a time of reckoning for the fitness industry," she states. "We need to step out with new messaging that will help that 80% rethink, relearn, and reexperience physical activity." She provides some easy, immediately actionable tips for clubs to consider implementing quickly. 

Segar goes on to discuss her four TRAP's (Temptation, Rebellion, Accommodation, and Perfection) which serve as drivers (or disrupters) for certain behaviors. Take the free quiz on her website now to learn more. 

An example: "In theory, people would call joining a gym to lose weight a "driver," but it actually winds up being a huge disrupter to their daily decisions to actually make it to the gym and exercise," she says. It is critical that individuals understand what their disrupters are, and that communication coming from our industry reflects that accordingly.

She also briefly dives into her "POP" decision tool. (Pause - Open Up - Play - Pick the Joy Choice!) which can help us learn how to make better choices while not beating ourselves up either. 

Dr. Segar's voice is a most welcome, (and critical!) one that we must all heed if we hope to actually effect real changes in our space rather than going back to "the way things have always been." The timing of this work couldn't be more fortuitous. 

Order before April 26th and you'll also receive access to her live book club and some other fun bonuses! 

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