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A computer scientist by training, Ross Lauder, Founder of Single Focus Talent, went through an IPO with Hubspot and has ". . . worked the roles I hire for!" he states.

Single Focus is a boutique executive search & career specialist for the SaaS / computer software & technology driven industries, with a focus on sales, operations and leadership roles across the EU and USA. Lauder also hosts the Global Tech Leaders podcast. 

"You've got to go inches wide, and miles deep . . . and there's way too many generalists out there, they're not actually getting people the roles in the space."

He and Pete discuss the current state of hiring ("there's an absolute war on talent right now!"), how he thinks about candidates, the landscape of executive search, thoughts on what to look for in new hires, a few "do's and don'ts" for interviewing, and more! 

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