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Kory Angelin has been in the HALO sector for over 10 years. He began as a trainer and worked his way up with organizations like 24 Hour Fitness, Lifetime, Equinox, F45, and is currently the COO of Volofit. "I think I've been in every position along the way," he jokes. 

On the culture of an organization, he says, "A business is made or broken starting with the owner or ownership group. You're setting the tone at the top . . . the relationship between you and the customer, even before they become a client, has to be genuine and honest."

He and Pete go on to discuss sales, sales training, marketing, the power of not discounting because it devalues the brand. (Apple never discounts, but they provide a gift card!) and more. 

Angelin stands firm in his belief that the industry-especially now post-COVID-needs to think very hard about doing things differently. He quotes Simon Sinek, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."  

Angelin believes everyone is a salesperson, and it's important to work hard to lose the dogma / stigma some hold around that term, how roleplaying (a favorite tool of his) can help facilitate that, and more.

At the end of the day, "People want to talk about their goals, they don't want to be sold," he says. Angelin has been in the trenches and many of the tips and techniques he lays out here make this a must listen for those in the HALO sector.

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