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A former college athlete who moved into a fitness career (and became a pro MMA fighter!) industry veteran Emre Ozgur is now the Founder and CEO of a buzzy new brand with an extremely unique concept, Safe Sweat

"When we started really working on this, initially it was a concept for the pandemic, but the reason we decided to push forward is because there is a very large demographic of underserved people that have been saying for years, 'I don't want to work out in the social environment. I don't want to do a class. I would rather work out on my own. And that's how we got to the safe sweat concept.'" states Ozgur. 

The numbers bear this out. Currently based in Vancouver with aggressive plans for growth, they're seeing an average of $188 per unit with the lowest price of $150. "It is clear that people will people will pay a premium to have their own, private space with high end equipment, as well as digital content," he states.   

Their unique concept is first to market, highly profitable, and easy to run. But as any entrepreneur is well aware, getting a new venture off the ground is anything but easy! Ozgur talks all about the in's and outs of getting and SBA loan, bootstrapping, talking to your significant other (and living to tell the tale!) about starting a new business, meeting with bankers, getting an SBA loan, putting in 17 hour days, and more. Entrepreneurs at any stage of growth will be able to commiserate! Great takeaways here and a brand to watch out for.

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