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Mohammed Iqbal is the Founder & CEO of SweatWorks . . . the company quietly behind the tech of a lot of larger companies you're no doubt familiar with--CrossFit, Spartan Race, and many more. They are, "The leading digital agency in fitness design and technology to create meaningful wellness journeys for everyone."

Iqbal spent 7 years at Sharp and, while there, worked on the iPhone with Apple's team which strongly impacted him in many ways. Originally from Dubai, he moved to NJ in 1991. "I dove all in to Jersey culture . . .funnel cakes, the whole bit!" he laughs. "But I got out of shape and started my fitness journey. It changed my life and I asked myself 'Why didn't people get it?'"

He started SweatWorks in 2012, around the same time FitBit began, and has been in business for 10 years. The HALO sector though has never been big spenders on, well, anything, and Iqbal chats about how they were able to break through that initial hurdle. He discusses how to reduce churn, (hint: it's not 'set it and forget it!'), how the industry needs to respond to the hybridization model "which is here to stay," and a lot more.

A key takeaway on where we're going: "AI and machine learning need to be complementary, not the strategy itself. You need to have a human element. People know when you're talking to a machine versus when you're getting the personal touch." 

The HALO sector has come a long way, and SweatWorks is positioned perfectly to ensure brands keep up with the times and bring their members along for the ride! Listen now to learn more. 

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