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Robbie Bent is the CEO and Co-Founder of Othership. As one of the first employees with Ethereum, Robbie is extremely well versed in community building and galvanizing people around a particular cause. When it came to what is now Othership (with a brick and mortar location in Canada and a highly successful app,) he built this community initially in his backyard which grew to 400 people (and then a few thousand) with ~$20,000 a month in revenue. 

His initial entre to breathwork was, "As a way to continue to stay sober and build up a social community that focuses on other things besides alcohol. I left the Ethereum foundation and started with an ice bath in my backyard, just building crazy community of neighbors, people coming in using the ice bath every night, doing these crazy bonfires and just creating a really nice social environment without alcohol. . . I just realized that the hot and cold could be used to build amazing class-based experiences for people and a whole new way to socialize," he states. 

In one of those "clearly meant to be" moments, it also turns out one of Robbie's goals is the exact same as Pete's--to help solve loneliness! He's definitely on his way and has big plans to grow--mindfully! Robbie is extremely hands on (they tried over 50 types of tiles for the floor!) simply because he's that passionate about what he's built. He uses the space every day and it's baked into his daily life.

"It's really more about creating the best possible experiences where people will actually change their behavior. And then for me, it was always, the revenue will come later. It's always secondary for when you're working on your passion."

He and Pete chat about how to release the "DNA of your business" while still scaling it, how breathwork effects your nervous system, how it can be used to (literally!) change the way you live your life, how to cultivate community by "providing experiences that create awe and bring you joy," and more! 

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