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"I'm a tech guy / ex-athlete who became a big believer in this idea that food can get you sick, and food can also become the best medicine that you have," states Ari Tulla, CEO and Co-Founder of Elo. On their site they mention their vision is to "transform food from the cause of disease to medicine." 

Ari is a serial entrepreneur and was an early investor in the (now very popular!) Oura ring

When it comes to nutrition, where there's so much information changing (it seems!) weekly. Tulla says, "There's so many people who are giving you guidance and-really-it's like, 'I already have enough information!' So it's not about that. I can go online and find what I need, but to change behavior? It has to be made so easy that the new change makes your life easier than it was before."

Elo aims to be the flag bearer for becoming the first "biomarker-first" and "smart nutrition" company. They built a cutting edge AI from a proprietary analysis of 3,000 peer-reviewed studies, and by looking at various biomarker data, Elo takes "custom" to another level. They look at sleep activity, recovery, glucose, weight, and much more. There is nobody else doing exactly what Elo is doing and everything was built from the ground up. 

As a special offer for HALO Talks listeners, Ari is offering up something you should jump on!
How does it work? Go to https://www.elo.health/ and signup with code HALOTALKS to start the Elo program with a free biomarker test and nutrition consult.
Definitely check them out! 

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