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InTouch Technology is a business very familiar to the Milkie family. As the current CEO, Mary spent 15 years on the vendor / CMS side, and has about 30 years total in the sector. She owned health clubs prior and worked in nearly every position.

InTouch recently secured additional investment capital and is now branching out into the consulting and call center side. Mary provides some very valuable intel into the changing landscape of the CRM world.

Regarding pricing she states, "I've been in the industry for about 30 years and I've said it's a race to the bottom as far as price goes, a race to zero. I just feel like we've really hurt ourselves sometimes . . . if we are focusing on customer service and helping people get results and offering people, things that they need to obtain their goals, I just think that's a better value and better option than going into a club where there's no hand holding at all." 

There's a lot of valuable takeaways in this one! Listen now to learn more.

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