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Monique Nadeau is the Co-Founder of EatLove
a company whose, "best-in-class technology delivers personalized, on-demand meal guidance that adapts to all lifestyles and food preferences and helps guide the 200 decisions we make around food each day."

As a former investment banker, Harvard University graduate with an MPA in Economic Policy, Nadeau is well aware of the critical importance of nutrition and the obesity crisis currently facing America. "I've always been attracted to people who want to solve the hardest problems, even though it could take many years to actually come to fruition. Did you know, for instance, that the number one reason for rejection to the military is actually obesity," she states. 

EatLove has 7,000 dietician approved recipies, 6,000 healthy restaurant options, AI to crunch the data, and more. It's a product that's "created to drive behavior change, it has the ability to process tremendous amounts of data, and it feels like we're just at the beginning," says Nadeau.

She and Pete also talk about the (rather substantial distinctions) between RD's (Registered Dieticians) and nutritionists, her company offerings on the medical and fitness sides, their current work with over 500 health organizations, and much more.  

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