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"Remedy Place is the world's first social wellness club," states Dr. Jonathan Leary, Founder. There is an incredible amount of buzz around this company, and for good reason! Leary has been working on this concept for a solid 10 years, and their new location in New York City's Flatiron district just recently opened. (Their first is in West Hollywood, CA.) 

"It's a whole entire club that's centered around holistic self-care, but it's made to enhance your health and your social life at the same time. So it's not like a spa where you go and isolate yourself in each room. Although everything in the club you can do by yourself, we'd rather you do it with others," he continued. 

Leary and Pete discuss the (now very popular) workout recovery space and where it's going, sourcing talent and building out a staff, the common (but wrong!) perception of "oh, you're skinny so you must be healthy," creating authentic relationships with customers and patients, (lead by example!) the long term plans for Remedy Place, Jonathan's main motivation for building it out, and much more.

Leary has carved out a rather unique niche in the HALO sector that is clearly resonating with a good number of people. Be sure to check them out if you're in NY or CA! 

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