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"Red light therapy has been around for 60 years but 'more' isn't always better," states Perry Kamel, the CEO of DNA Vibe, the innovative new company revolutionizing red light therapy and the way its administered. "More" was the direction the industry went down (and arguably is still going down) once people realized the modality had positive effects. "It's absolutely about precision, not power . . . and too much could be harmful," Kamel continues. 

With some recent coverage on the Today Show and over one hundred professional and Olympic athletes using the DNA Vibe technology, the company is growing exponentially both on the business to consumer, and the business to business sides. 

Better still? The company is veteran owned, 100% of the product is constructed in Colorado, and they've managed to do so at a cost (and quality) that beat everything they found when (initally) looking abroad. 

This is a highly engineered, very technically advanced product that is challenging the way red light therapy has traditionally been administered. They continue to receive stories monthly from all ages and all performance levels.

If you have ever had an interest in seeing what red light therapy can do for you, definitely have a look at DNA Vibe and consider trying their product. The group also offers a "Good Vibes" guarantee so there's nothing to lose! 

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