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Matt Spielman is Founder of Inflection Point Partners and author of the newly released book, Inflection Points-How To Work and Live With Purpose. (Check out a quick one sheeter here as well.) 

Matt notes, "I transitioned from Executive to Executive Coach . . . and the part that really drew me in was seeing the people on the team grow, develop, thrive, giving them stretch opportunities, the promotion discussions and . . . just giving feedback in a constructive way. That was the stuff that really drew me in."

He discusees his own (rather inspirational!) career journey, what he went through himself at 44, finding sources and drains of energy, some of the concepts behind what he calls the Game Plan System ("you can't goal set your way out of an emotional rut"), and more. 

He goes on to chat about the effect COVID has had (in both positive and negative ways) on people's lives and career paths, and how he built his own coaching practice from scratch. (It was a slow, steady climb, and now Spielman counts executives like Alex Rodriguez and Bill Owens, Executive Producer for 60 Minutes, as some of his clients.) 

Matt received his MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BA from Columbia University, where he earned national honors as a varsity baseball player. 

Matt has been a friend of Integrity Square for many, many years and we wish him all the best on the launch of his book and the continued growth of Inflection Point Partners!

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