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"My purpose is to help others," states Roger Harvey succinctly. This long time, highly-seasoned HALO executive served as the COO of Crunch for 13 years (from 3 studios to 27 in 1993-2006), as a COO and CEO in the boutique space, a consultant to a good number of brands, and most recently as the CEO of New York Sports Clubs. He was charged with the "minor" task of taking a 50 year organization (from 186 gyms going in, to 68) out of bankruptcy--while in the middle of the pandemic--pre vaccines! "I walked into a full on crisis," he states.

This was an utterly Herculean task on every level with literally 2 days notice, but as anyone who has met Roger knows, this sort of thing doesn't phase him. He continues, "I opened [the interview with NYSC] with the fact that my purpose is to help others, and it would make me really bad at fulfilling my purpose if somebody asked for my help, they then explain what they need help with, but I say no, because I think it's too difficult!" 

He has honed what he calls his Level 4or Awareness Training over the years. "It helps you practice living by learning to go more slowly, so that you can recognize options, and then choose the way that's best for you. It's built on six steps: Love, learn, appreciate, forgive, teach, serve. The next stage is the process of understanding expectations. Five words: Organize, communicate, educate, evaluate, modify, and then repeat."

There is much, much more to this. These are not pie in the sky platitudes. Roger walks his walk and applies all of these principles to the very real, nuts-and-bolts world of managing and running brick and mortar companies of all shapes and sizes--and those people and companies who have had Roger involved in some way, shape, or form . . . always come out better for it. 

This HALO Talks is filled with a tremendous number of valuable takeaways that you should absolutely consider applying to your business immediately. If you want to work with Roger personally, reach out to him on LinkedIn at the link above.  

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