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Sue Hitzmann is an exercise physiologist and neurofascial science and research educator with 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is a founding member of the Fascia Research Society and the creator of the MELT Method, a system of self-massage and movement to help alleviate chronic pain.

She started in the industry in 1988 as a fitness professional and an exercise physiologist. When she realized that what she learned in fitness was not able to aleviate her own chronic pain, she dove into neurofascial science and research. She developed the MELT Method in 2004 as a way to help people alleviate chronic pain, and has since then taught it in group exercise, conducted teacher trainings, and written multiple books, one of which became a NY Times best seller. Over the years she's learned quite a bit about growing and scaling a business, but one of the most important aspects is learning to being ok with charging what you're worth for services that can literally change someone's life! She emphasizes the importance of having a vision, a plan, and the right people around you as well as understanding the risks and rewards of taking on investments. She has built MELT Method into a thriving business with no investors and no debt. 

"If you really want to help someone, it, the revenue can come. You just have to learn how to strategize business. And I think business is a part of a practice. That's also part of what we teach with at MELT with our instructors . . . is how to run a successful business, " she states. 

In this episode, Sue and Pete discuss: 

1. How to succeed in the HALO sector and reach the next level - learn tips from Sue Hitzmann's many years in the space. 

2. What are the pitfalls of taking in investors and how to prepare for them?

3. Discover the secrets to a successful business and the critical importance of understanding the relationship between units, price, and revenue.

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