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"No matter what industry you're in, you need to find someone with the trait of being passionate about what they're selling, teachable, and who has naturally high energy - those are more important than anything else," states Jeff Sanders. 

Jeff was 17 and, and at one point had to sleep in his truck. He literally had no place to go when he decided to take control of his life and "become teachable." Through various jobs at AT&T Wireless, substitute teaching, a Smoothie Factory franchise, nonprofit and church sectors, LA Fitness and others . . . he learned the in's and out's of business, developing a passion for helping people and learning the power of relationships along the way. 

His tenacity and skills eventually got him recruited to work at Radio Shack, where he learned the importance of operations, systems, and the value of sales training. This inspired him to create an Ambassador program at his current job, Energy Fitness, where he serves as Chief Growth Officer. His team is encouraged to reach out, get leads, and build relationships with people. Jeff's drive to help others and make their lives better keeps him motivated every day.

In this episode, Jeff and Pete discuss: 

  1. How to Equip Your Team to Generate Leads: Learn the tactics and methods Jeff uses to successfully equip his team to go out and generate leads, including concepts like "assumptive language" and taking a "tenacious approach."

  2. Investing in Your Team and Building Relationships: Discover how to invest in your team and glean an understanding of the psychology of conversations, in order to build strong relationships with members and prospects to boost success.

  3. Achieving Long-Term Goals: Find out how to create a paradigm shift in experience levels and provide the best service (and motivation!) for your customers so they stay for the long-term and achieve their goals.

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