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Taylor Stull, a former product manager for preventative health solutions, is the Co-Founder of Flowell, a platform that provides team-based experiences and lifestyle games to help clubs and coaches build communities and keep people healthy for life – all while navigating the challenges of helping them make good decisions for long-term success.

"At the end of the day, we're working to try to keep people healthy for their whole life by helping them make good decisions. This way they can hopefully have longer, more enriching, more fulfilling lives. That's really what I'm here trying to bring to market," he states.

Taylor was determined to find a way to help people make better choices after his own health journey and he wanted to pay it forward. He developed Flowell, a team-based fitness gamification platform, to bring the community together and nurture relationships, as well as motivate healthy lifestyle decisions. 

Through trial and error, Taylor found that community, fun experiences, and rewards are key to long-term success and Flowell strives to provide all three. He hopes to bring people together, regardless of if they know each other, and create emotional relationships within Flowell. His passion is contagious! 

In this episode, Pete and Taylor discuss:

1. How Flowell is creating an innovative solution to help people make longer-term, healthy lifestyle decisions.
2. How they are leveraging partnerships, games, rewards, and community to help retain memberships and drive revenue.
3. Using creative rewards and personalized avatars to build trust and emotional relationships with members.

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