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Jarlo Ilano is a martial artist, physical therapist, and entrepreneur. He is the Managing Director of GMB Fitness, and has been at the forefront of the 'alternative fitness' movement for over two decades.

At the age of twelve, Jarlo found himself in karate classes at the local community center. As he grew, he explored more martial arts and fitness-related activities. After his parents encouraged him to pursue physical therapy, Jarlo began to see the potential of combining his own passions into a PT career. With the help of mentors, he eventually started GMB Fitness with partners Andy Fossett and Ryan Hurst. These guys are the "OG's" in this space, and have been at it longer than most. No hype. No nonsense claims. Just good, solid, progressive, well-balanced programs for all levels. Through the ups and downs of the business, Jarlo has stayed the course and found success in the industry, inspiring others to make meaningful changes in their lives to help them reach their goals.

He states, "In terms of success, we always knew we wanted to change the way people look at what fitness means, what exercise means, and make it really meaningful to them, so that they can continue on, they can get better and not feel like they're just spinning their wheels. We can get better, we're getting older, but we're changing the goalposts. We're working towards what really matters for us, whether that's performing better at a particular sport or just . . .being a good overall person! That's [one of] our metrics for success. We see our clients saying, "I didn't think I'd be able to do this!" And they're doing it right! And they're going to keep doing it for years."

In this episode, Pete and Jarlo discuss: 

1. How to scale a business from 6-20+ employees and making the "hard decisions."
2. The advantages of physical therapy for fitness, performance, and overall well-being.
3. The importance of mentors and the value of mentorship for entrepreneurs in the health and fitness space.

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