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After her husband and son became ill, Michelle Zipper (practicing out of the Well Center in Westchester, NY) fiercely pursued a career in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, determined to find answers and help others, unlocking a powerful inner strength and courage as she faced the challenges of balancing her business ambitions with her family's needs.

Michelle has spent over a decade exploring the world of holistic health and functional medicine. With a background in graphic design, her passion for wellness began when her husband was initially diagnosed with Lyme disease, and she took the reins in healing him with nutrition and lifestyle changes. Her expertise grew as she also dealt with her son's autoimmune struggles, leading her to pursue further education in health coaching, functional diagnostic nutrition, and obtaining a Master's degree. Through her diverse experiences, Michelle has become a champion for listening to the body and creating personalized protocols for her clients. At the Well Center, she combines her love for community and wellness, offering invaluable support and resources to her clients.

"Your body can tell you everything if you really just stop and take the time to listen," she states. 

The Importance of a Holistic Approach to Health
Understanding the intrinsic connection between various systems and aspects of the human body is crucial for optimal health. Implementing a holistic approach that factors in nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management can directly impact overall well-being, while also reducing the risks of developing chronic diseases.

By addressing the root causes of symptoms rather than merely treating individual issues, people can build a solid foundation upon which they can improve and maintain their well-being. The Well Center tends to focus on creating personalized protocols for each client, based on their unique needs and specific bodily systems.

In this episode, Pete and Michelle discuss:

1. A more holistic approach to health through functional medicine and nutrition. 
2. Understanding the crucial role of a clean, nutrient-dense diet in building a wellness foundation. 
3. The ever-increasing importance of wellness technologies such as infrared therapy (check out HigherDose's offerings!) and cryotherapy. 
4. Uncovering challenges in pricing services and insurance coverage for functional testing.
5. Recognizing the significance of personalized protocols and referrals as effective marketing strategies in the HALO sector.

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