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After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, Celina Semente, a stubborn yet determined (former!) fashion major, decided to take matters into her own hands, changed her field of study, and embarked on a journey of self-discovery to heal her gut and help others as a holistic health coach.

With a hat tip to Mike Pesca, host of the Gist podcast for the initial intros--and a happy client himself--Celina is now a highly skilled health coach whose experience with Crohn's continues to fuel her passion for helping others. With a degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences from Montclair State University and a holistic health graduate degree from Georgian Court University, Celina brings a wealth of knowledge to the world of holistic wellness. Her dedication to understanding the root cause of symptoms and promoting a healthy lifestyle has led to countless success stories among her clients. As an advocate for self-care and personalized health solutions, Celina is the perfect guide for individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being.

The Role of a Health Coach
Health coaches serve as supportive guides and mentors for individuals seeking a comprehensive and personalized wellness solution. They work closely with clients to establish a thorough understanding of their unique health concerns, needs, and preferences. By developing tailored strategies that focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and mental well-being, they empower their clients to take a proactive and informed approach to healthcare. Health coaches not only emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy habits but also ensure accountability, thus helping individuals stay committed to their wellness journeys.

In the episode, she highlights the distinctions between her role as a health coach and her previous experience as a personal trainer. She emphasizes the need to listen to one's body and understand its unique responses to nutrition and lifestyle choices. 

Pete and Celina also discuss:

1. Discovering techniques to help control autoimmune conditions through dietary and lifestyle adjustments. 

2. Understanding the power of being your own health advocate and conducting personal research.

3. Insights into the holistic healthcare approach, covering nutrition, lifestyle, and mental health elements. 

4. The significance of personalized health plans and enhancing gut health using whole foods. 

5. The advantages of health coaching for individuals, employers, and gym settings.

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