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From former NFL quarterback to business leader, Christian Ponder's journey took an unexpected turn when he realized the lack of community for athletes in their post-sport lives. With his new venture The Post, he's created a space where athletes can thrive once again. And--perhaps not coincidentally--he finds that the same soft skills that made them successful on the field are now driving their success in the business world. What led Christian to this idea (that's quickly picking up steam across all sectors of the business / recruiting world?) Listen to learn more. 

Ponder joins host, Pete Moore, to share his insights on the correlation between athletic mentality and success in business. After playing in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers, Christian transitioned to the world of finance and now runs The Post, a leadership network exclusive to athletes with many cues learned from the highly respected YPO organization. He's passionate about helping fellow athletes leverage their unique qualities and experiences to achieve success in their post-sports careers. He emphasizes the importance of tapping into qualities that make someone a great athlete, such as discipline, determination, and work ethic, as these attributes can be directly translated to achieving success in the business world.

In this episode, Christian and Pete discuss:

  • The significance of cultivating an exclusive network tailored for athletes involved in business ventures.
  • The need for the Head of Player Personnel (aka: Human Resources!) to look aggressively at organizations like Christian's (and others) when bringing on more team members. 
  • The relationship between an athletic mindset and accomplishments in the business sphere.
  • The Post's dedication to supplying useful tools for athletes making the shift into entrepreneurship.
  • The importance of conducting a thorough self-assessment to identify personal strengths before embarking on a post-athletic career.
  • The value of physical meetup spaces vital for fostering a sense of community and networking opportunities.

Being an Athlete
One of the main topics touched on is the notion of being an athlete and leveraging the qualities that make one successful on the field paralleling those that help excel in the business world. Ponder highlights how society often attaches a negative stigma to the term "athlete," leading many to underestimate their abilities outside the realm of sports. He believes that these unique individuals possess the grit, determination, and drive necessary to forge a successful career after hanging up their cleats, so long as they are given the right opportunities to do so.

Christian points out that athletes have a wealth of valuable skills that can be directly applied to the world of business, making them highly attractive prospects for potential employers. He mentions examples, such as Fortune 500 CEOs, C-suite women, and US Presidents, who often come from an athletic background, reinforcing the point that the qualities of a successful athlete are indeed transferable to other areas of life.


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