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Our guest for this episode is Brendan Sullivan, co-founder of ZAMA Health, a sports psychology SaaS platform for the athletic community which provides access to digital tools and clinical support to help improve physical and mental health outcomes. Sullivan shares his passion for mental wellness and how ZAMA can help improve exercise adherence and member engagement outcomes. He also discusses the importance of addressing emotional and mental health issues to improve engagement and retention in the fitness industry.

He states, "Over 80% of the reason people actually work out now is their mental health . . . ranking above weight loss and physique. It's really becoming more about community and mental health than it is about just fitness. For most companies, it's very difficult to build a medical practice, and it's not their core business. It's highly regulated. And so rather than them trying to develop themselves, we see ourselves as this add-on to any of these organizations." 

Pete and Brendan also bring up the critical need for personalized and thoughtful approaches to motivation and the stages of change model. They explore the idea that personal trainers (after proper training) could possibly be considered part of the care team for individuals interested in improving their health. 

He continues, "At the end of the day we're really more working with mid to higher tiered gyms where members want to go to the gym and work out . . . We're trying to help solve engagement and retention issues that they're having. When you look at the data, whether you're a competitive collegiate athlete or a regular fitness goer, the majority of the reasons people have issues working out are very similar. It's body image issues, self-efficacy issues, eating disorders, anxiety, motivation. Our clinicians have been trained to meet and address the needs of that community, increase the likelihood of attaining their fitness goals, and also help with member retention."

Clearly there is a tremendous value (and need!) to incorporate clinical health services. Be sure to reach out to Brandon at ZAMA to learn more. 

Some Key Moments: 

  • Discussion on motivation and the industry's attrition rate [00:05:15]
  • What brands ZAMA works with and their sales cycle process [00:08:19]
  • Discussion on making therapy services similar to a gym membership fee [00:10:26]
  • Plans for insurance companies to reimburse members for their memberships [00:12:23]

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