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If you own a boutique or big box fitness club in a mall, you're good to go, right? Everything will be perfect moving forward, right? Maybe not so much, according to Francine Miley, Founder of WELLthmanager, head of Partnerships & Business Developments for Honeycomb, and real estate veteran specific to the HALO sector. 

In our latest episode, we'll explore the direction of retail, the advantages of incorporating wellness, the hurdles faced by landlords and tenants, the incredibly important power of partnerships, and more. Don't miss out on key insights from this industry leader that could transform your business!

"It is truly about curation. And I know that word is overutilized, but it really is! If you're curating a community and bringing different services, classes, modalities, you need to be weighing that out and ensuring that you're giving that whole holistic approach," states Miley.

Drawing from her experience in marketing, brand development, and strategy, Francine has worked closely with real estate investment trusts (REITs) to create innovative solutions for the sector. Her journey began when she was working with Westfield, focusing on the integration of wellness concepts into their properties.

Taking a holistic approach, Francine effectively curated a unique blend of fitness, wellness, and medical offerings for the malls, helping to create the "HALO Effect" that benefited everyone involved. As the pandemic hit, Francine saw an opportunity to take her expertise in curating communities and started her own consulting firm. Now, she helps brands maximize their potential in consumer-facing retail opportunities by promoting flexibility, collaboration, and strategic partnerships.

In this episode, Pete and Francine discuss: 

  • The future of retail through exploring in-store versus digital experiences.
  • The growing trend of incorporating wellness offerings into shopping venues.
  • Challenges both landlords and tenants encounter in an evolving market.
  • The crucial role of collaborations in creating viable HALO sector opportunities.
  • Consider partnering with landlords or taking advantage of off-hours to optimize rental space and increase revenue.

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