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Just as Kenny Rosenzweig thought he had found the perfect formula for success with CLMBR's very aggressive launch and subsequent expansion, an unexpected twist forced him to shift gears in a way he never could have predicted. What happened next will leave you wondering what's next for this innovative entrepreneur . . . and for CLMBR, the fantastic company he's now overseeing as COO.

Kenny brings a wealth of experience from both the boutique fitness and equipment industries to the table. As a Co-Founder of Rowgatta, a (now closed due to COVID,) rowing-based fitness studio in New York City, Kenny saw firsthand the power of community and results-driven workouts. As part of the CLMBR team in Denver, he is helping to shape the future of connected fitness and bringing the benefits of vertical climbing to a wider audience. With its focus on providing a full-body, low-impact workout, Kenny is dedicated to making fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from professional athletes to those just starting their fitness journey.

Kenny found himself drawn to CLMBR due to its similarities with his previous company. He saw an opportunity to expand their reach during the pandemic, as people quickly sought out alternative fitness options. He recognized that the company could not only serve the home fitness market, but also gyms and fitness studios, leading to a significant shift in the company's focus. As the world began to open up again, Kenny and his team worked on redesigning their machines for commercial purposes, increasing their durability and resistance capabilities.

"I think a big part of our job is just exposure. One much more cost-effective way of creating that exposure, is bringing the machine to where people are already going to work out!" he states. 

In this episode, Pete and Kenny touch on: 

  • The power of a B2B2C pivot during unexpected tough times like the pandemic. 
  • How the innovative accessibility features of CLMBR's machine caters to a variety of diverse needs for end users.
  • Valuable entrepreneurial wisdom straight from Kenny's prior experiences at Rowgatta.
  • How CLMBR envisions fostering a new fitness culture by cultivating a dedicated community.

CLMBR's pivot to the B2B market
In the ever-changing fitness landscape, adaptability is crucial for businesses to thrive. CLMBR's pivot toward the B2B market to meet the needs of gyms and studios that were adapting to pandemic-related challenges is a great example. Initially focusing on the D2C market, the team identified an opportunity to expand their reach and increase exposure by partnering with commercial gyms and studios.

This move allowed the company to broaden their audience while still keeping community-building at the core of their business model. Kenny discusses how CLMBR reengineered and redesigned their machines to be commercial-grade, making them suitable for gym environments.

He also noted how gym operators appreciated that their goal was not to take customers away from their locations, but to provide a better workout solution for everyone as things started to open back up. Emulating their swift pivot and adaptation to market conditions is a reminder to other industry professionals to stay nimble, seize opportunities, and work hard to build strong communities around their offerings.

Facility owners should strongly consider adding CLMBR to their cardio lineup or using it for revenue-generating, small group training. Visit their site to learn more about their connected fitness equipment and content.

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