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Jason Crowe has had a varied career in healthcare, spending the first 15 years in what he calls "reactive healthcare" in various roles. Feeling a desire to make a difference in the healthcare system, he transitioned to the HALO sector (Health, Active Lifestyle, Outdoor), joining Precision Nutrition as part of the business development and partnership program for four successful years. Crowe's experience in both reactive and preventive healthcare has made him a seasoned professional with unique insights into the healthcare industry.

Jason is currently Co-Founder and Partner at the SageHouse, a consulting agency to fitness and wellness founders and leadership teams, which also could potentially provide investment capital to help the industry continue to positively impact people's lives around the world.  "We're really big fans of what we call infrastructure companies. The idea of building a brand is great . . . and something that we're super excited about is organizations that can come in and power the back end of somebody else's solution," states Crowe. 

Some key moments: 

[00:04:45] Consider private labeling software for growth.

[00:09:27] Sales process and messaging misalignment for companies.

[00:13:08] Focus on specific opportunities for success.

[00:19:18] Healthcare, wellness, longevity, and fitness professionals' value.

[00:21:37] Experts specializing and forming care teams.

A few key takeaways: 

  1. Focusing on one or two particular areas of opportunity based on product differentiation is a key strategy to avoid wasting resources and reaching the next level of success.
  2. Companies should have a clear sales process, messaging, and understanding of the target customer.
  3. Strategic partnerships can be an effective way to expand a company's reach and drive sales growth.
  4. The role of fitness professionals can be elevated to give them more "staying power" and value.
  5. It's important to have a clear vision and strategy to drive growth, and it's useful (if not critical in many cases!) to work with consultants and advisors who have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

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