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Live from the floor of the March 2023 IHRSA Trade Show in San Diego, host Pete Moore welcome the powerhouse Mother/Daughter team of Nikki Warren and Coral Warren from KaiaFit 

Nikki and Koral are two, super passionate individuals who began their journey in gymnastics. While watching children at gymnastics facilities, they realized the joy and love that came from being active and connected with their bodies. However, they also noticed that many mothers on the sidelines had lost their enthusiasm for fitness and the feeling of "being alive."

This sparked a calling to help both children and women find their passion for physical activity and vibrant living. As experienced coaches, Nikki and Koral recognized that their ability to positively impact children relied on first supporting women. They understood that by empowering women, they could create stronger communities and ultimately benefit the children they worked with. With this in mind, they embarked on a mission to not only coach fitness but to delve into various aspects such as nutrition, movement, and mobility.

They aimed to help women discover what would make their bodies thrive and bring them happiness and from this, KaiaFit was born. Through their unique approach and dedication to individual success, Nikki and Koral have built a reputation for their ability to guide women towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

"Sure, we have 25 locations, but each location is building a strong community. The people that are part of it are out in the community, building a healthier community, building better children, and building stronger families," states Koral. 

Some key moments: 

  • Helping children by empowering women through fitness.
  • The Founders' passion for gymnastics leads to success.
  • Gymnastics, obstacle courses, rock climbing - existing traffic, repurpose space.
  • Limited memberships generate more revenue per visit.
  • Franchisors responsible for success of franchisees.
  • Excited team ready to conquer the world!

A few key takeaways: 

  1. Guiding towards success: The Warren's believes in saying yes, but also guiding people towards the right path for success, even if it means not immediately opening a franchise. They offer coaching and community support as alternative ways to be involved in their business.
  2. Balancing community and profit: Initially, the focus was on building a strong community rather than making money, but the importance of being business-minded and financially savvy quickly became apparent. Now, growth and income for franchisees are prioritized, which may mean saying no more often to set people up for success.
  3. Creating value and optimizing time: By potentially collaborating with existing facilities, they can tap into strong foot traffic and provide parents with an opportunity to dedicate time to themselves instead of just being spectators.
  4. Franchising vs. licensing: Pete, Nikki and Coral touch on the differences between franchising and licensing, highlighting the crticial responsibility of the franchisor to support and guide the franchisees. Franchisees rely on the franchisor for their profit and loss guidance, while licensing involves less support and more responsibility on the licensee.
  5. Balancing short-term and long-term goals: While the team is interested in empowering people and allowing them to use their brand, they also consider long-term implications and the fit of partnerships.

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