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Eziah Syed is a former athlete with a background in fitness and health. He played basketball at a national level in Canada and also had some experience in the tech space. His life took a turn when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and his brother suffered a serious fall, resulting in multiple injuries. These personal experiences made Eziah reflect on the healthcare system and the care received. He noticed gaps and questioned why his own injuries were taking longer to heal than expected. This led him to explore the connection between nutrition and healing, realizing that the medical community was largely unaware of the impact of nutrition on the body's healing process. Eziah decided to take action and founded his own firm to bridge the gap between healthcare and nutrition, aiming to provide better guidance and resources for those in need.

He states, "We developed our own formulations, and we go through a very rigorous pharma-like process, to develop what we call nutrapharma which lives in a class in between pharma and supplements. We don't even use the word supplements. We call this nutrapharma because you'll see from us randomized published trials, placebo controlled trials, biopsy studies and more. You'll see a variety of things being done that typically aren't done In the dietary supplement world, and we think that's what's allowed us to get the adoption in the medical community and then in professional sports and the athletic world."

Some key moments: 

  • Health challenges spark realization, founding innovative firm.
  • Validated medical nutrition product with scientific rigor.
  • Building science, renowned physicians, clinical data. Winning strategy.
  • Product portfolio designed for acute and daily needs.
  • Start-ups require grit and resilience in challenging environments. A book on proactive healthcare is recommended.

A few key takeaways: 

1. Mend has developed a line of products called nutrapharma, which are formulated with scientific rigor similar to pharmaceuticals. They have undergone randomized trials, placebo-controlled trials, and biopsy studies, setting them apart from the others. 

2. Eziah sought validation from medical professionals, including renowned physicians and dietitians, to confirm the legitimacy of their products. This led to the formation of a scientific advisory board, helping gain acceptance from the medical community.

3. Mend has created products for both acute needs, such as injuries and surgeries, and daily maintenance addressing chronic conditions. Each formulation targets specific endpoints, such as protein and inflammatory markers, to provide evidence-based treatment.

4. Sayed emphasizes the challenges and roller coaster nature of startups, highlighting the importance of grit and resilience. They compare the startup experience to a cold plunge, where uncomfortable situations are embraced to learn and activate the parasympathetic nervous system.


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